Arts & Entertainment Council

Our vision is to encourage the development of a thriving and rich environment for arts & entertainment in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Through our leadership and funding decisions, our organizations serve as enabling partners in realizing the full potential of arts and entertainment for our region and state.

Statement of Shared Funding Principles

In making funding decisions for arts, culture and entertainment events we agree to use the following criteria in evaluating requests. Meeting these criteria does not guarantee funding, but will help to ensure that requests align with our regional arts and entertainment vision.

  • Organizations requesting funding must demonstrate good practices for governance, management and effective use of resources. This ensures that maximum efficiency is obtained. Best Practices Guidelines are available from The Great Lakes Bay Arts and Entertainment Council.
  • We urge that organizations requesting funding review, understand and incorporate the recommendations contained in the 2011 Arts Market Audience Assessment Study of our region. Familiarity with this material will help ensure that we avoid mistakes of the past and take full advantage of the exciting opportunities identified in the study.
  • All requests for funding must have a regional marketing objective and related plan. Through the Great Lake Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau, a marketing handbook has been developed. We urge organizations requesting funding to obtain this book and related training to ensure the development of quality regional marketing plans.
  • We urge that organizations participate in the Michigan Cultural Database initiative. This ensures that we are collecting vital information to help guide our understanding of audiences in the region.

For additional information on arts and entertainment funding and operations, use these resources:

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