Branding & Communication Council

The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Branding and Communication Council was originally established to develop a brand identity that could be shared not only by the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance, but also by stakeholders within the Great Lakes Bay Region. The adoption of the ‘brand’ has been so successful that the Council now acts as a steward to ensure the proper use of the Alliance brand. Additionally, the Council has established a basic communications plan to promote the Alliance over the short and long term.

The responsibilities of the Council are as follows:

  • Ensure that the brand is being properly and consistently used.
  • Develop and distribute the Logo, Logo Guidelines and Background on the brand.
  • Implement and encourage use of the brand through sharing of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Logo.
  • Identify opportunities to promote the Alliance through brand usage.
  • Develop and monitor the Alliance website.

With introduction of the brand, using the name “Great Lakes Bay Region” in press releases and marketing communications has been, and continues to be encouraged.  Wherever “tri-cities”, “tri-county,” or mid-Michigan was used, replacing it with “Great Lakes Bay Region” is an encouraged replacement.

Branding and Communication Council Members

  • Terry Moore, President/CEO, Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance
  • Bob Van Deventer, Chair, President/CEO, Saginaw Chamber of Commerce
  • Kristin Knoll, Public Relations Specialist, Covenant HealthCare
  • Cathy Koebe, Independent Agent, Farm Bureau Insurance
  • Kevin Leitz, Community Relations Director, Spence Brothers Construction
  • Greg LeMarr, Communications Manager, Saginaw Future Inc.
  • Kristy LeVasseur, Director of Communications, Midland Area Chamber of Commerce