Where Families Thrive

Historic mansions on tree-lined streets. Country estates surrounded by farms. Condominiums on vibrant riverfronts. Modern, energy-efficient homes in suburban splendor.

In what kind of neighborhood do you want to live? You’ll find it in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The urban centers of Bay City, Saginaw and Midland each have a variety of medium- to high-density neighborhoods — from downtown walkups to riverside condos. Each city has a complement of historic housing, including local and national historic districts.

They are surrounded by thriving suburban communities with every possible amenity. And close to 50 percent of our region’s land is still agricultural, if you prefer that country farmhouse.

No matter what you prefer, it’s easy to get around. Well-planned streets and trunk lines make it easy to get anywhere quickly — whether it’s other places within the region, the great outdoors or the big city.

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