Saginaw Future

Established in 1992, Saginaw Future is the economic development organization for Saginaw County, Michigan, USA, which is part of the Great Lakes Bay Region. Saginaw Future is a public-private alliance of local businesses, the County of Saginaw, City of Saginaw, 14 local municipalities and the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. Saginaw Future’s strategic partners also include education, labor and government.

Since its beginning, Saginaw Future has remained dedicated to fostering quality job creation through expansion of local industry and attraction of new business projects to the community. Because business conditions have changed and evolved, Saginaw Future has responded with value-added programs to deliver solutions for economic development issues that are important to the local business community. As technology continues to make the world smaller, Saginaw Future will work to adapt and develop programs to help local companies compete and win in the global economy.