Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Institute for Leaders


The Great Lakes Bay Region includes Bay, Isabella, Midland, and Saginaw Counties. These four counties are natural partners by geography. Increasingly, that partnership is enhanced through efforts focused on specific issues and goals. We continue to realize – and capitalize on – more commonalities than differences. Every indicator points to the need for continued, if not increased, regional collaboration. Combining this natural partnership with prepared leaders, we can accomplish great things. Our region can only be strengthened through the leadership of individuals who are knowledgeable, informed, and ready to advocate and bring resources to the table.

Developing such leaders is accomplished through the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Leadership Institute, an initiative of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance. Institute curriculum expands participants’ knowledge of the Great Lakes Bay Region, and introduces powerful, successful scenarios and concepts from other regions and/or the state level.

The Institute begins in January with one full-day class each month, through September. Each session day focuses on a different topic such as economic sustainability, social issues, government, etc., and offers a combination of top-notch presenters, tours, discussions and networking. Throughout the Institute, participants are expected to apply their advanced leadership skills and knowledge to plan creative approaches to opportunities existing in the Great Lakes Bay Region; accordingly, our curriculum includes a trained facilitator to aid in this process. At the Institute’s conclusion, class members present their ideas on what projects and pursuits could help to build the region’s economic sustainability.

During the first seven years of the Institute, we have enjoyed immense success and have significantly impacted regional initiatives. With the graduation of our seventh class, we now boast over 245 graduates. These ‘Regional Ambassadors’ are the key to the individual communities’ effective collaboration on any issue or opportunity for the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance Leadership Institute truly represents a long-term investment in providing the leadership essential to creating positive individual and collective futures of Bay, Isabella, Midland and Saginaw counties.

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Tuition fees do apply, and partial scholarships may be available.


To further develop and engage leaders who are knowledgeable and dedicated to the Great Lakes Bay Region and prepared to lead regional collaborative efforts.


The Great Lakes Bay Region utilizes its solid foundation of Institute graduates to effectively collaborate to address any issue or opportunity for the region.

A focused approach to regionalism, which complements our organization's local efforts,will enhance the Great Lakes Bay Region’s opportunities for a positive economic future.

Great Lakes Bay Regional Leadership Institute--Class Reports

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