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    In Memory of Chad William​ Dunn   

It's Personal...

Each of us has directly or indirectly been affected by mental health challenges. The Great Lakes Bay Region Mental Health Partnership began because it was
fueled by the memory of Chad William Dunn (11.20.81 – 7.29.13). 
Here is his story, as shared by his family.

All who knew Chad experienced his passion for loving and living life to its fullest.  Throughout his amazing but tragically abbreviated life, he encouraged everyone to do the same.  When mental illness struck, Chad remained brave and confronted his illness with bold defiance.  His compassionate disposition never wavered; even in the midst of his own battle against bipolar disorder, he continued helping and caring about others.

Chad’s diagnosis was shocking and terrifying to both Chad and our family. We had never experienced anything like this before.  We quickly ran into the stigma surrounding mental illness and discovered that there is no clear route to comprehensive care.  While Chad drew strength from the loving support of family and the few friends who were aware of his mental health struggle, plus mental health professionals, it was not enough to beat the enormity of his mental illness. Shortly after Chad’s death, we learned about existing diagnostic tools and treatments that could have dramatically improved Chad’s health and wellness. 

In the spirit of Chad’s life, we are committed to channeling our grief as fuel to help open the doors to a brighter future in the fight against depression, bipolar disorders and other brain illnesses.  We want those doors opened wide—with a great sense of urgency.  We must help our neighbors and friends who are struggling.  We must do all we can to make a difference.  And, we must do it now.

We invite you to take a look at the great work that has emerged from the recent region-wide collaboration: Addressing the Mental Health Crisis in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Important initiatives are underway, and community support and commitment are essential for meaningful progress.  We think you will find many opportunities to connect... to get involved... to make a difference.

The following powerful  video was put together by the friends of Chad William Dunn:

If you or someone else has a medical or mental health emergency or requires immediate assistance dial 911.


If you are experiencing a suicidal, substance use, and/or mental health crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress, or if you are worried about someone who may need crisis support dial 988.

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