Workplace Mental Health

This guide has been developed as part of the efforts of the Great Lakes Bay Region Mental Health Partnership to improve the mental health culture and infrastructure of the Great Lakes Bay Region 

and it contains three parts that can be downloaded for print by clicking this link:

  • An Owner's Guide to Creating and Implementing a Mental Health Program

  • American Psychiatric Association Working Well Toolkit

  • Example Workplace Mental Health Kickoff Presentation

In 2018, a work group was formed to fully utilize an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and create a Workplace Mental Health Program that could be piloted by the Fisher Contracting Company and – after refinement – made available to all companies in the Great Lakes Bay Region. 

In April of 2019, Fisher Contracting’s new Mental Health Program was rolled out to the 100 plus employees in the company's Northern Division. In April of 2020, the Mental Health Program was officially expanded to cover all ten of the Fisher Companies, their 325 Michigan employees and their families.


This guide is meant to be a working toolkit for others, as they look to implement mental health resources in their workplaces throughout the region.


We hope you use these tools to advance access to mental health resources, erase the stigma often associated with mental health and continue to be champions for getting help when it is needed. 


Great Lakes Bay Region Mental Health Partnership Steering Team:

  • James W. Fisher - Steering Team Chair

  • Mary Laffey - Steering Team At-Large Member

  • Janine Ouderkirk - Steering Team At-Large Member

  • Rob Vallentine - Steering team At-Large Member

  • Dr. Furhut Janssen - Steering Team Standing CMU/NNDC Member

  • Dr. Matt Samocki - Steering Team Standing GLBR-MHP/NNDC Member


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