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Enhance Mental Health

Provider Access


A shortage of mental health providers and increased wait times cause delays for mental health care which means those seeking help cannot get it when they need it most.  We work with higher education institutions and K-12 schools to help address the mental health provider shortage through talent development. Additionally, mental health providers are seeking collaborative educational, networking, wellness, and resource-sharing opportunities to improve their own well-being and become stronger and more accessible providers themselves. We engage with traditional and non-traditional mental health provider organizations, providers themselves, higher education and K-12 schools to enhance access to mental health care. 

Actions & Purpose:

  • Host networking events for wellness and community building

    • Connecting with others can protect against mental health challenges; Having a network of people to talk to about work challenges and being able to share coping strategies can improve mental health because you realize you are not alone.

  • Organize annual regional mental health summits

    • An annual mental health summit for the region will provide opportunities to earn CEUs, participate in trainings, share resources, earn recognition, and bring people who are passionate about mental health together.


  • Collaborate with higher education institutions and K-12 Schools for talent development 

    • Collaborating with higher education institutions that develop mental health providers and teaching students in K-12 schools the mental health careers that are available will provide opportunities to identify and address mental health provider licensure gaps and shortages across the region.


If you or someone else has a medical or mental health emergency or requires immediate assistance dial 911.


If you are experiencing a suicidal, substance use, and/or mental health crisis, or any other kind of emotional distress, or if you are worried about someone who may need crisis support dial 988.

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A Certified Non-Academic Partner of the National Network of Depression Centers

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