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Forest Lake

    Sustainability Pledge    

    Great Lakes Bay Region    

A commitment to accelerate, encourage and support local environmental action in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

The Great Lakes Bay Region Sustainability Pledge (GLBRSP) is a call to action. Conceived in 2019 and developed over the course of 2020 and 2021, the Pledge is designed to encourage Great Lakes Bay Regional businesses, organizations, municipalities and the nonprofit community to address their impact on the natural world. The Pledge is the first step of an ongoing, collective journey for the region. 


The Pledge is your first step. It's a voluntary, self-evaluative action that will evolve and grow over time. The Pledge begins with a self-evaluation based on an analysis of operational practices. The evaluation is a guided process supported by the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance and a team of stakeholders. The process is designed to inspire ideas for the unique circumstances of the participating businesses and can address various aspects of sustainability depending on priorities of the participating organizations. The Pledge is self-monitored and the intent is to improve over time.


The intent of the Pledge is to make voluntary progress to an organization's operations and policies. The improvements made by organizations will vary by industry and type.


The Pledge involves everyone in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Big and small. For-profit and non-profit. Urban and rural. All doing what we can to collaborate, cultivate and create a sustainable mindset within the region and beyond. The Pledge is about doing your part, in a way that fits with your organization. Beyond the internal benefits, your work will help create a more sustainable community, further a next-generation mentality and enable collaboration and knowledge sharing.



Business Sustainability Pilot Organizations and leadership from the Dow Fellows at the Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan


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